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Women’s Ministry

Ministries: ChildrenYouthWomenMenHouse Church

We are here to
Encourage, Educate, & Equip women in our walk with Christ.

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Encourage: Women’s Ministry strives to encourage the women in body of Christ, and to love and serve with excellence in local, national, & global community. Some examples of serving include:

  • Reaching out to the women of RCC for encouragement, accountability, & fellowship
  • Providing support as liaison to the welcoming team
  • Bible Study support
  • Prayer meeting support
  • Accountability Ministry

Educate: To teach women in their knowledge of God, understanding of the Scripture and relationship with Christ. Some examples of serving include:

  • Coordinating women’s retreat & conference
  • Cookbook project

Equip: To edify women to apply the Word of God into their lives, and emphasize our unique role as women in Christ.  Some examples of serving include:

  • Soup for Her Soul
  • Bakes sales to benefit  missions
  • Care packages for those in need

Women’s Ministry currently has several ongoing events:

  • Friday evening prayer meeting
  • Monthly leaders’ meeting
  • RCC recipe book