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Vision Mission July 2013

Greetings from Jakarta.  We were met this morning at the airport with love and joy by Iboo Lim.  Mrs Lim is hosting the Clay at her home and the gift of hospitality I’ve learned can be a powerful tool, indeed – simply because it is grounded in action. It is no surprise then to learn that she has been serving in Indonesia for over 17 years.


In the afternoon we did a sight-seeing trip to Monas which is the Monument nationale – I believe it symbolizes the country’s independence. It reminded me of sight seeing in Washington DC so I was happy to skedaddle out of there. A photo is attached.


The highlight of today was visiting Moriah Bible College.  It is here that important work is being done.  Moriah College’s vision, led by Pastor Gunard, whom we met today, is to serve the poorest of the poor, namely some of the forgotten population that make up many of the 1,700 rural islands of Indonesia.  Students from this background are selected from an application pool to attend the five year program in the Jakarta area. The school is to accomplish their mission by raising and training ministry workers. One of the key functions of the school is discipleship training which includes formal study of the Word and learning how to pray. There are 2 basic majors the student choose: a pastoral track or Christian education. All the students, in year three, return to the islands from which they came to share the Gospel to the people, many of whom have never heard the Good News before. The school therefore is directly involved in carrying out the Great Commission. There is great excitement and enthusiasm here at the school. (SEE GROUP PHOTO ATTACHED)


Moriah Bible College started 6 years ago with a class of about five students. Today they have matriculated about 150 students. This growth was also made possible by Pastor John Lee who, during his stay in Indonesia, spent much of his time at the University but much of his focus here, to build up the students at a grass roots level. These students as was mentioned come from extremely poor backgrounds, not unaccustomed to sleeping 32 in one room – like sardines in a can.  With vision and faith in Him to provide, Pastor Lee was instrumental in the school’s procurement of their first two dormitories. These dormitories now house 6 to 8 students per room (instead of 32 per room which would make finding any iota of dignity hard to find).  Training of the whole person is done – not just theological- to build up these students; some areas of focus include writing, speech, confidence and interpersonal skills, all necessary for them to become effective leaders.


A deal has recently been signed to open a third dormitory to house the growing student population.  Immediate funding (by next week) is needed in the amount of several thousands of dollars to finish the work already started – minor construction has already been completed.  It appears this school is led by a faith to a higher calling and dedicated to group of students eager and willing to obey, serve and answer the call. (SEE PHOTO ATTACHED OF DAVE AND STUDENTS)


We are with Clay for only 2 more days here in Indonesia. Tomorrow the adults will participate in early morning prayer at 4:30am with the students of the bible college – the students pray everyday at this time.  Then, in the afternoon, we will join Clay in doing street outreach to the kids in the railroad track community. The Clay in particular is very tired physically and need help. Please come through for us.


Also, check out the daily CLAY blog.  Go to here.  In 2 days we will be leaving them and our posts will be much different than one another.


J.Kim 7/5/13


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