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Vision Trip May 2013 Part I

Hello all,

When I was a teenager I thought Kathmandu was a fictional place that Bob Seger sang about going to one day! Well…I’m here to tell you that Kathmandu does exist and is not a figment of my imagination.

The Vision team (Pastor John, Issac and myself) arrived safely.  Things went surprisingly fact easier than flying into the Newark.  As we landed I could see and feel Pastor’s excitement about doing mission work.  He was actually tapping me on the shoulder..giddy like a little kid, describing to me all I need to know about Nepal.

Needless to say Pastor’s excitement was infectious.  We are here to do God great commission….what’s not to be excited about. Upon arrival we meet with the Missionaries Grace Tak from the Gloria school and Suh Dong-A from the Mili Kala school.  The Gloria School is grounded in the Word of the Lord and teaches kids in pre-school to 10th grade.  In a country that predominately follows Hinduism and Buddhism a Christian school is a rare site indeed.

The Mili Kala school’s focus is on disabled children.  It has a unique way of teaching disabled that they can express themselves through art..while keeping the teaching of the Lord at heart. It was great talking to them and hearing about their success and the many challenges that lay ahead!  Observing first hand…Kathmandu is a challenging environment for Christians especially. The pervasiveness and symbolism of the 1000’s of Hindu gods are everywhere….and yet the missionaries here are still forging ahead to spread God’s Word.  The city itself is challenging …I dare anyone to drive down here…it’s crazy!  The city is in dire need of infrastructure….

Tomorrow I was asked to lead 200+ kids in the Gloria School for a message.  What?!?  …..and of course I said yes…since I am on a mission and you should say ‘yes’ more than ‘no’….right?  I hope they understand English and I hope I don’t mess up!

I will update the website with more personal accounts of our journeys. I just gotta figure out how to… In the meantime here are some pics…enjoy 😉

Vision Team – Stan Jung on May 14, 2013

IMG_0029 IMG_0053_1 IMG_0033_1